Little Tiger

Little Tiger program helps children grow in self-confidence and self-control. Children learn a healthy sense of self-worth and a healthy respect for other people. They learn cooperation and concentration while they are learning the basic Taekwondo patterns, hand strikes, and kicking techniques. By making learning a fun, interesting adventure, the instructors help children build coordination, concentration, attention and balance. Little Dragon learn basic Taekwondo techniques and games that improve their physical, mental and social abilities. These valuable life skills are some of the greatest gifts your child can receive at this young age.
     Benefits for Little Tiger
  • ◆ Positive Energy Outlet
  • Brain Development
  • Large Motor Skills Development
  • Balance
  • Enjoyment
  • Great Friends
  • Cooperation
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Improved Listening Skills
  • Increased Attention Span