Special Offer

We offer a variety of programs at Master Chae's Taekwondo Academy and, for each, we have web specials you can take advantage of.
To access our current web special for a particular program, just click on its link below.
A new window will open to a page where you can sign up to access the current martial arts special offer for that program.
▶  Little Tiger
- Helps children grow in self-confidence and self-control.
▶  Martial Arts For Children
- Children learn to channel their energy into highly constructive activities.
▶  Martial Art For Junior
- Encourage to develope their personal interests and talents.
▶  Martial Arts Fitness For Adults
- Wonderfully challenging, inspiring combination for physical and mental development.
▶  Birthday Party
- Please make a reservation three weeks prior to your birthday party.
We hope you’ll take advantage of one of these online special offers from Master Chae's Taekwondo Academy.